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Reason for Hope


Reason For Hope is Dr. Goodall’s first book in her series focused on “hope” as an essential lens through which we must look at the world. It is an autobiography about Dr. Goodall’s journey through childhood, research in Africa, and spiritual coming of age. At the end of the book, Dr. Goodall reflects that despite all of the horror in the world there is so much to remain hopeful about, as she writes,

Yes, we are destroying our planet. The forests are going, the soil is eroding, the water tables are drying, the deserts are increasing. There is famine, disease, poverty, and ignorance…My reasons for hope are fourfold: (1) the human brain; (2) the resilience of nature; (3) the energy and enthusiasm that is found or can be kindled among young people worldwide; and (4) the indomitable human spirit.

Despite being published in 1999, the messages of this book still remain timely and, with all that is going on in the world, hold an even stronger urgency. Dr. Goodall’s “Reasons for Hope” have remained the same because they continue to prove to produce positive change, regardless of the issues we face. Since then, Dr. Goodall has added one more “Reason for Hope”: social media. (Read about Dr. Goodall’s 5th “Reason for Hope” here.)

Some of these books are over a decade old, but their messages are truer than ever and they are very special reads. Adults and kids alike can enjoy these books. In fact, they make for great bedtime stories and will indeed grow sweet dreams of hope!


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About Author

Sophia Glazer is currently a summer intern for Community Engagement at the Jane Goodall Institute. She is a rising junior at Tulane University, intending to receive a B.S. in Public Health with a minor in Business Management and Psychology. Sophia was thrilled to meet her long time heroine, Dr. Jane Goodall through the Tomorrow and Beyond lecture tour at Tulane. She is excited to work with JGI and write for Good For All News to spread awareness about what we can do to improve the future of our planet. Sophia has always felt a connection with Dr. Goodall because she too feels one with nature and is passionate about animal rights.