Top 10 Moments of 2015



NY Blood Center
When the New York Blood Center (NYBC) decided to stop funding and feeding its retired research chimpanzees in Liberia, Dr. Goodall spoke out. She wrote an open letter to the NYBC calling on them to honor their promise to found a sanctuary that would care for their retired chimpanzees in perpetuity. When NYBC did not respond, Dr. Goodall released another letter calling on them to support the chimpanzees. A petition for NYBC to support the chimpanzees keeps growing and protests against NYBC continue, with the most recent ones occurring in December.

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Pamela Huber is an intern for the Jane Goodall Institute working primarily in the organization's communications department. As a journalist, she has written on the environment and human rights before writing for Good For All News. She is interested in community-centered conservation, technology, ape research and rehabilitation, preserving biodiversity and youth education.