Top 10 Moments of 2015


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Gombe 55
Goodall and JGI celebrated the 55th anniversary of Goodall’s arrival at Gombe on July 14, 1960. When Goodall arrived, Gombe Stream National Park was only a small nature preserve, Tanzania was the British protectorate of Tanganyika and the chimpanzees were completely un-habituated to people. But Goodall was persistent in trying to observe the chimpanzees and her determination led to the world’s longest-running study of wild chimpanzees.

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Pamela Huber is an intern for the Jane Goodall Institute working primarily in the organization's communications department. As a journalist, she has written on the environment and human rights before writing for Good For All News. She is interested in community-centered conservation, technology, ape research and rehabilitation, preserving biodiversity and youth education.