Top 10 Moments of 2015



NY Times Magazine Article
In March, the New York Times featured an article detailing Dr. Jane Goodall’s life work: “Jane Goodall Is Still Wild at Heart.” The piece covers Goodall’s entire professional life, from the moment she first set off for Africa to the present day. Author Paul Tullis followed Goodall into the forests of Gombe for the story, and reflects on the difference between her isolation as a budding scientist in the 1960s and an always-sought, world-renowned conservationist today.

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Pamela Huber is an intern for the Jane Goodall Institute working primarily in the organization's communications department. As a journalist, she has written on the environment and human rights before writing for Good For All News. She is interested in community-centered conservation, technology, ape research and rehabilitation, preserving biodiversity and youth education.