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Episode Summary

Emma Lewisham: Hope is the Beauty of Circular & Carbon Positive 

In this bonus episode of the Jane Goodall Hopecast, Dr. Goodall is joined by Emma Lewisham, the co-founder and CEO of her own circular, climate positive and transparent beauty line. Emma believes strongly in responsible sourcing and sustainable packaging and has a zero-tolerance policy for animal testing. In this episode, Emma shares her unique insider perspective on the important changes beginning to occur in the beauty industry and how her brand is leading the charge in regenerative business. She emphasizes that companies must be transparent about how people, other animals, and the planet are treated within their supply chain. Together, she and Jane discuss the transformative power of consumers that are pushing businesses and governments towards innovations that will create the kind of standards of sustainability and ethics we all deserve. Ultimately Emma reminds us that “you can be both commercially viable and a business with purpose” because that is what consumers are looking for today.

The Jane Goodall Hopecast is created in partnership with FRQNCY Media.  

At the End of the Rainbow: Stay to the end of the episode to hear an archival clip in which Dr. Goodall tells the story of the young chimpanzees Pom and Prof, who travel along a forest trail until they encounter a surprising hazard.

Stay tuned…Season 3 is coming soon!

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