Razan Al Mubarak – Hope is Empowering Individuals and Centering Community (Jane Goodall Hopecast #7)


Episode Summary

On this episode, Dr. Jane Goodall chats with someone she has joined forces with and has admired for years – Her Excellency Razan Al Mubarak. Jane and Razan have a similar sensibility around both the vital importance of a connection to nature and the essential aspect of working with diverse people across sectors to accomplish change. Dr. Goodall and Razan celebrate the power of young changemakers through the Roots & Shoots program, of which Razan helped to establish a chapter in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Razan and Jane also discuss the often-forgotten tragedy of biodiversity loss, which has been in many ways overshadowed by the Climate Destabilization Crisis. On this front, they build on each other’s thoughts on how they are different and yet interrelated, and what can be done by individuals and the global community. Razan shares some of her favorite poems and philosophical thoughts on hope and the inherent value of nature, and encourages everyone with the message that, “We need pessimism of the mind and optimism of the heart.” 

At the End of the Rainbow

Stay to the end of the episode to hear a rare archival clip of Jane reflecting on our planet’s two “lungs.” 

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