JGI’s 2018 Holiday Good For All Gift Guide


Jubilee, Mr. H Jr & Rusty

plush bannerFrom Jane’s childhood dog (and greatest teacher in animal behavior) Rusty, to Mr. H Jr (a replica of the real Mr. H who travels everywhere with Jane, to Jubilee – the chimpanzee plush her father gave her as a baby, give these meaningful plushes to someone you love.

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Ashley Sullivan is the Community Engagement Specialist at the Jane Goodall Institute, where she works to connect individuals with Dr. Goodall's vision, and the JGI mission. Ashley graduated Stony Brook University with a B.A. in Anthropology and a minor in Biology. She has a varied background including conservation, art, communications, digital media, design, photography, and documentary filmmaking. Ashley believes in sharing information to empower and in the need for storytelling. Through growing understanding and empathy, she believes it is possible to ignite positive change, every day.