Jane Goodall Inspires One Million and You All Inspire Us


I have just been informed that we have reached 1 million likes on Facebook. I want to thank everyone for supporting and following my adventures! – Dr. Jane Goodall

We’re celebrating #Janes1Million! Jane and JGI have always been in awe of the magnitude and sincerity of those who believe in Jane and JGI’s message of hope for a better world. It is you, each of you, who provide lift to the vessel of this message and take it to all of the places we could not reach on our own. Everywhere we go people tell stories about how Jane has impacted their lives. What is often not considered enough is how much YOU have impacted us, and how your pursuit of contributing good and taking action fuels Jane in confirmation of her mission. Social media brought us together in a way that would not have been possible without it:

” For years I have talked of my four reasons for hope: the energy, commitment, passion and sometimes courage of young people once they are aware of the problems facing us, and are empowered to take action; the human brain; the resilience of nature, and the indomitable human spirit.

It was during the Climate March in September 2014…I could see, all around, people with their cell phones. They were using Facebook, tweets and twitters to tell their friends about what was happening, telling them to come and join in, that it was neat.

Those organizing the march had expected perhaps 100,000. In fact there were, in the end, almost 400,000. They kept coming until eventually the police had to draw the line…It was the largest global march in history. And without social media this could not have been.”

– Jane Goodall, Jane’s 5th Reason for Hope [Social Media]

To celebrate one million people liking the Dr. Jane Goodall Facebook page, we wanted to share bits of each of your stories and what Jane means in your life:

  • Christina Stentz Cefalu: She has inspired me to be more diligent and vocal in my efforts to conserve and support mother earth and the creatures that share our planet. I sometimes felt as though my efforts didn’t amount to much when so many around me don’t seem to care. But Jane Goodall has shown just how much one person can accomplish. So in my small way I will continue to do my part.


  • Molly Good: Dr. Goodall has inspired me a lot along the way. In
    4th grade, I had an opportunity to meet Jane, thanks to the efforts of my teacher (Lana Friesen Thompson). I had developed a game – based on Jane’s autobiography – for a school project, and I brought that game to our meeting to show her… The first thing she said to me was, “You may be good, but I’m all good.” 🙂 Ever since that day, I have been committed to pursuing my own passion for science. Thanks to Jane and other great mentors in my life, I am now working on a Ph.D. in fisheries science, where I hope to positively impact conservation and sustainability efforts in fisheries. Thanks, Jane, for all you do!


  • Lauren Potts: I had a book about Dr. Goodall when I was 9 or 10. My obsession with helping animals was fed by stories of her empathy and kindness towards creatures of all shapes and sizes. One day, I held a yard sale (with the help of my parents) and raised over $400 selling cookies, lemonade, and junk from my family’s garage. I immediately got my parents to write 4 separate checks for $100 each to send to different wildlife aid foundations and charities. I couldn’t settle on one because I felt that all animals deserved our help. Thanks for inspiring me to begin donating to animal/nature-aid organizations at a young age.


  • 14642342_10209171472657066_963811658262922242_nHolly O’Donnell: Jane is the reason that this baby Red Howler Monkey in the Peruvian Amazon has been rescued and is currently being rehabilitated for release. If it wasn’t for a 7 year old me seeing Jane with her chimpanzees in a documentary, on a NatGeo promotional video which was posted through my door in Scotland, then I would not have been in the forest where this little baby was found, malnourished and infected with bot-flies after escaping from a tourist lodge where he was being held and mistreated as an illegal pet. I am now a conservation zoologist working for an NGO, studying large mammals, particularly primates which is where my passion lies. I met Jane during my undergraduate degree at the University of St Andrews, and it spurred me on, motivated to finish what was at times a challenging degree, and inspired me to take a job abroad, in a foreign country, all alone, and as the only female field scientist working for the organisation. Thank you Jane! For leading me into the wonderful life that I currently have and for showing me that I can make a difference too.


  • Caroline Siegert: Jane Goodall inspired me at a young age to pursue an interest in science and conservation as she was the only well known female scientist when I was a child. She showed me that I could help save the world too, and now I am pursuing a degree in Environmental and Plant biology at Ohio University. Thank you Jane, for being an inspiration to young girls everywhere.

Jane Goodall is the ultimate example of what happens when a young person is given support and listens to both what they want for themselves and what their responsibility to the world is. Her story has given life to so many of your stories, and in turn you have become examples for others. With one million of you living each day by making a difference, millions and millions of others have also been transformed. That is a true reason for hope.

Keep sharing your stories using #Janes1Million on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and help us grow Jane’s page to be a home for millions more just like you!

About Author

Ashley Sullivan is the Director of Storytelling & Marketing for Communications & Partnerships at the Jane Goodall Institute USA, where she works to connect individuals with Dr. Jane Goodall's vision, and the JGI mission to create a better world for all by protecting the interconnections between people, other animals, and the environment. Ashley graduated Stony Brook University with a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology and a minor in Biology, and is pursuing a Master's of Science in Environmental Science & Policy at Johns Hopkins University with a focus on Environmental Justice. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, now a D.C. resident, she has a varied background including 10+ years of expert communications and digital marketing in the social and environmental non-profit sector. Her intersectional approach to this work has been shaped by a holistic world-view, having traveled to Madagascar and Ecuador for conservation research projects, leading communications for youth social justice filmmaking organizations, and as a part of several professional groups advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in environmental spaces including Greens REALIGN. With skills ranging from conservation fieldwork, policy and advocacy campaigns, strategic communications, art, digital media, and design, Ashley believes in sharing information to empower and in the magic of storytelling to transform hearts and minds. Through growing understanding, empathy, and justice, she is igniting positive change to create that better, more equitable world, every day.