Inspiration for a New Generation


Dr. Goodall’s story began when she was just a kid. Inspired by the books she read, and driven by her curiosity and determination, Jane was able to achieve her dream of studying animals in Africa.

Jane believes that positive change begins with kids. They represent the future of our world, so inspiring them to make a difference in the world is incredibly important.

Recognizing the power of youth, Jane has worked to grow compassionate leaders and change-makers through her Roots & Shoots program, which provides kids guidance and resources for designing and implementing their own service projects. By giving them the tools to take action, she is inspiring a new generation.

Jane believes that positive change begins with kids.

And Jane’s not the only one who believes in empowering young people. The people behind Kidspiration TV are working to provide educational and inspiring content that will spark kids’ desire to make a difference.

Kidspiration TV is a new media channel created just for kids. They hope to empower, engage and inform the world’s young people with their online programming available on both YouTube and iTunes. The channel launches today with their Kidspiration Interview series, which places some of the world’s most inspirational people on screen to be interviewed by an everyday kid.

Dr. Goodall is featured in the series as one of those inspirational people. In her interview with Hope, a 12 year old from London, Jane shares the story of how she worked for the opportunity to travel to Africa and the discoveries she made there. She also poses a question to the next generation: “How is it possible that the most intellectual creature that has ever walked on planet Earth is destroying it so quickly?” She emphasizes the power of young people to change this fact. Through small actions, each of us can have a real impact. If our youth are engaged and passionate, the future of our planet will be bright.

Check out Kidspiration TV to hear Jane and others share their wisdom for the next generation.

About Author

Sarah Ruiz is a communications intern at the Jane Goodall Institute. She is currently studying science communication at the College of William and Mary and hopes to pursue a career as a journalist. She is interested in all branches of science, with a specific focus on issues of conservation and ecology.