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Episode Summary

Jenna Johnson: Hope is Companies Leading Solutions and Lifting Up Voices for Change  

In this episode of the Hopecast, Dr. Jane Goodall speaks with Jenna Johnson, Head of Patagonia Inc. Through her work at Patagonia, Jenna brings environmental stewardship to the company’s technical innovation. She is also an avid rock climbing and trail sports enthusiast. In this conversation, Jenna recounts how her early experiences rock climbing fostered a connection to nature that has served her throughout her life and career. Her passion for environmentalism closely aligns with Patagonia’s mission to integrate creating clothing and gear to help all people get outdoors and connect with nature, while investing in active work to protect ecosystems. Jane and Jenna discuss Patagonia’s sustainability initiatives and the work they do to support and center marginalized communities to lead on core social and environmental issues. Jane shares that she is inspired by the number of companies that are realizing the importance of creating supply chains, practices, and frameworks that reduce negative impacts, while also advancing positive initiatives at various scales. Jenna reminds us that working to heal our relationship with the planet is not only imperative but it can also be beneficial for all – including the bottom line. She reflects that “customers are voting with their dollars today and they’re increasingly expecting companies to really contribute to problem solving for some of these greatest challenges that are ahead of us.” 

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At the End of the Rainbow: Stay to the end of the episode to hear an archival clip in which Dr. Goodall tells the story of the young chimpanzees Pom and Prof, who travel along a forest trail until they encounter a surprising hazard.

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