Dr. Goodall’s New Book “Book of Hope” Provides Hope in 2021


Dr. Goodall’s long-awaited next book will be a tribute to what fuels her boundless mission to make the world a better place – her reasons for hope.

Celadon Books announced that Dr. Goodall’s “The Book of Hope” will be published on October 19, 2021. The project is a collaboration with Doug Abrams, author of the bestselling “The Book of Joy,” and comes 60 years after the celebrated scientist and activist began her ground-breaking research of chimpanzees in Gombe, Tanzania.

In the book, Jane focuses on her “Reasons for Hope,” which include the Human Intellect, the Resilience of Nature, the Power of Young People, and the Indomitable Human Spirit. Using stories from her remarkable life, research, and career, “The Book of Hope” explores questions like: How do we stay hopeful? How do we inspire hope in the next generation?

The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times (Global Icon Series) by [Jane Goodall, Douglas Abrams]

Understanding Jane’s dedication to the philosophy and life practice of Hope is at the heart of the book, which includes exclusive details about Jane’s unparalleled life. From living through a childhood in World War II, working as a waitress and secretary to pursue her dream of living with wild animals, trailblazing in animal behavioral research in Gombe, Tanzania, and becoming a global phenomenon, Jane details the forces that shaped her hopeful worldview. With her thoughts on her past, and her revelations about her next–and perhaps final–adventure, there is still hope, and this book will help guide us to it.

“‘The Book of Hope’ will serve as an extraordinary exploration of our very nature as human beings and offer a compelling path forward to create hope in our own lives and in the world,” according to Celadon. “Through both Jane’s observation and the latest scientific research, readers will experience the resilience of nature to recover from the harm we have inflicted and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of loss and devastation.”


The Jane Goodall Institute is a global community conservation organization that advances the vision and work of Dr. Jane Goodall. By protecting chimpanzees and inspiring people to conserve the natural world we all share, we improve the lives of people, animals and the environment. Everything is connected—everyone can make a difference.

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Ashley Sullivan is the Director of Storytelling & Marketing for Communications & Partnerships at the Jane Goodall Institute USA, where she works to connect individuals with Dr. Jane Goodall's vision, and the JGI mission to create a better world for all by protecting the interconnections between people, other animals, and the environment. Ashley graduated Stony Brook University with a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology and a minor in Biology, and is pursuing a Master's of Science in Environmental Science & Policy at Johns Hopkins University with a focus on Environmental Justice. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, now a D.C. resident, she has a varied background including 10+ years of expert communications and digital marketing in the social and environmental non-profit sector. Her intersectional approach to this work has been shaped by a holistic world-view, having traveled to Madagascar and Ecuador for conservation research projects, leading communications for youth social justice filmmaking organizations, and as a part of several professional groups advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in environmental spaces including Greens REALIGN. With skills ranging from conservation fieldwork, policy and advocacy campaigns, strategic communications, art, digital media, and design, Ashley believes in sharing information to empower and in the magic of storytelling to transform hearts and minds. Through growing understanding, empathy, and justice, she is igniting positive change to create that better, more equitable world, every day.