Craig Foster – Hope is All We Can Learn From Animal Teachers (Jane Goodall Hopecast #11)


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In this fireside chat, Dr. Jane Goodall is joined by Craig Foster of “My Octopus Teacher,” an Academy Award® nominated, BAFTA Best Documentary award-winning Netflix original. If you’ve seen the film, you’ve probably already witnessed Craig’s curiosity and heart. As a documentary filmmaker and founder of the Sea Change Project, Craig embodies the power of storytelling – and how we can change minds by showing the sentience, grace, and intelligence of our planet’s many species. In the film, Craig spends a year of his life with an octopus and ends up learning a great deal about our relationship to the natural world, and much more about himself. Dr. Goodall and Craig have this in common and have used their profound and special ability to connect with non-human animals, chimpanzees and octopus, to share their individual stories worldwide, motivating conservation action. This conversation embodies what it means to use science as a tool for growing understanding, and how we can each find teachers even in the most unexpected places.  *Dr. Goodall and JGI do not endorse close proximity or handling of wildlife.* 

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At the End of the Rainbow

Stay to the end of the episode to hear a rare archival clip of Dr. Goodall describing one of her first interactions with now-famous Gombe, Tanzania chimpanzee David Graybeard. 

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