Jane is a Global Compassionate Citizen – Are You?


The festival of the year is here! On the 29th of September the annual Global Citizen Festival took place in NYC! Global Citizen is on a mission to promote gender equality, end poverty, improve education, improve public health and the environment. Dr. Goodall was able to attend last year’s festival and deliver a speech for the nearly 60,000 attendees – it was a hoot (Pant-hoot that is)!

The 2018 annual benefit concert had all of the top headliners (this year included Janet Jackson, The Weeknd, Shawn Mendes, Cardi B, and Janelle Monáe), but accepted no monetary donations. Why, you ask? Rather than currency, Global Citizen asks for your action. As Global Citizens, patrons earn their festival tickets by fighting for the causes that mean the most to them. Whether that involves calling members of Congress and urging them to maintain the 2019 International Affairs Budget and Support for Global Education and Sanitation, or tweeting at celebrities to encourage their participation in the movement, every action counts. In fact, since 2012, nearly sixteen million actions have been taken that are set to stir up positive change for 2.25 billion people.

Through our work in public awareness and environmental/wildlife conservation, the Jane Goodall Institute and Jane herself, are acutely aware of the individual and collaborative effort necessary to create positive change in the world. Encouraging people to participate in public action for positive change has always been a part of JGI’s philosophy, especially when it comes to the members of our youth Roots & Shoots program. We know that it will take the force of all the world’s citizens to change the fate of millions affected by inequality, poverty, and environmental destruction – and we can together! And what better way to get people motivated than to inspire through words and music? To get you inspired for this year of action, here are our top moments from last year’s and this year’s Global Citizen Festival:

They are so like us. They help prove there is no sharp line that separates us from the animal kingdom, and yet, even knowing they have emotions like ours, we still show cruelty to animals and to each other. With our clever brains, how is it that we humans are destroying the environment? We are burning fossil fuels, creating the greenhouse gasses causing extremes in temperature, more frequent and more destructive storms. Why do we pursue the wealth at the expense of future generations?  – Dr. Jane Goodall

“Enough injustice, enough bigotry, mistreatment. Mindless prejudice has to stop.”

– Janet Jackson

“But I do have reason for hope. Our clever brains, the resilience of nature, the indomitable human spirit, and above all the commitment of young people when they are empowered to take action.”  – Dr. Jane Goodall

“We have a lot of work to do. We can’t just talk the talk. We have a lot of politicians talking the talk, and we’re going to follow up with them, right?”  – John Legend

“I want to tell you something right now. I wish you could see what I see, because when I look out at all of this, I say, ‘This is how you change the world.’ You don’t have to wait for anybody. You can do it on your own.”  – Whoopi Goldberg

“Freedom to worship, freedom to speak, freedom from want, freedom from fear. Hold those freedoms dear everyday and when we’re debating, it’s up to us to say whether our decisions bring those ideals closer or farther away.” 

– Brad “Bradman” Geyer

What will you do this year to show you’re a global citizen who cares? Tag us @janegoodallinst #hopeinaction to share what actions you will take to build a better world.


The Jane Goodall Institute is a global community conservation organization that advances the vision and work of Dr. Jane Goodall. By protecting chimpanzees and inspiring people to conserve the natural world we all share, we improve the lives of people, animals and the environment. Everything is connected—everyone can make a difference.

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