Gombe Science Round Up

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Photo by Nick Riley

Photo by Nick Riley

On July 14, 2015 , the Jane Goodall Institute and people all over the globe celebrated the 55th anniversary of groundbreaking research at Gombe National Park in Tanzania.

Gombe is where Dr. Jane Goodall’s legacy began, and is the place where we began to learn just how intelligent and complex chimpanzees really are.

The work that Dr. Goodall started at Gombe still continues, and as we approach the beginning of the 56th year of research at Gombe National Park, JGI would like to share with you just a few of the studies to recently emerge from the incredible amount of scholarly work and observation happening in the middle of Gombe’s forests.

The following studies were published in a special issue of the American Journal of Primatology that was dedicated to the topic of chimpanzee health, a subject that is vital for those wishing to save wild chimpanzee populations from the threats of disease and extinction.

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Sarah Ruiz is a communications intern at the Jane Goodall Institute. She is currently studying science communication at the College of William and Mary and hopes to pursue a career as a journalist. She is interested in all branches of science, with a specific focus on issues of conservation and ecology.