Building an Organic School Garden with the Roots & Shoots Formula


Spring has sprung and now it’s time to start planting our gardens. With the help of the Roots & Shoots 4-Step Formula, Sacred Heart Elementary School built and planted a sustainable organic garden. This project is part of the Growing Together campaign for Roots & Shoots 25th anniversary, in which Roots & Shoots members around the world are encouraged to go out and plant something. Watch U.S. National Youth Leadership Council member Olivia Colombo’s video of the Roots & Shoots Formula applied to her garden project.

Learn more about Sacred Heart’s Garden project here. To start your own project, head over to!

About Author

Olivia is a member of the Roots & Shoots U.S. National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC). As a member of the NYLC, Olivia acts as a youth voice and works to make a positive change in her community — for people, animals and the environment. She is a high school student in Massachusetts and has been the leader of their Roots & Shoots Club since 2013. Olivia is a public speaker, scientist, artist, writer, and Youtuber. Learn more about Olivia here: